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Fuzzy Ergo Sum
Fuzzy Ergo Sum
Wolfgang Diehr
(EPUB 861k) (Kindle 1234k)
Pequod Press

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Little Fuzzy Returns

Six months travel by hyperdrive from Terra is the planet Zarathustra, a world in the eary stages of colonization. Zarathrustra was thought to be devoid of intelligent life until prospector Jack Holloway discovered a race of small sapient beings, the Fuzzies. The Pendarvis Decision had declared the Fuzzies to be sapient beings and cost the Chartered Zarathustra Company its charter.

Things had been quiet on Zarathustra for the Colonial Government, Jack Holloway, the Fuzzies and the Charterless Zarathustra Company for the last few years. Baby Fuzzy made his first kill, the sunstone agreement with the CZC kept the Colonial Government in the black and the Fuzzies and Humans peacefully co-existed in a nearly symbiotic relationship.

When John Morgan from the planet Freya touches down in Mallorysport, people want to know what he is up to. Morgan digs through the Charterless Zarathustra Company files doing research, but nobody knows what he is looking for and how it could affect the Company. This worries the Company CEO Victor Grego, who assigns a young woman, Akira O'Barre, to keep an eye on the mysterious Mr. Morgan. What Akira discovers could put one of several men at risk, among them Jack Holloway and Gus Brannhard. John Morgan is looking for someone, not something, and he intends to kill him when he finds him.

To make matters worse, the most infamous criminal on the planet escapes from Prison House with the aid of unknown confederates. These confederates have plans that could shake the foundations of the Colonial Government and the Charterless Zarathustra Company.

Fuzzy Ergo Sum is the first new book continuing the series of novels begun by H. Beam Piper in twenty-seven years. H. Beam Piper's most beloved characters return in this new sequel based on his original novel, Little Fuzzy. Not only is Little Fuzzy Piper's bestselling novel, it was nominated for a Hugo award in 1963. The book's popularity has not diminished since it was initially published and has been reprinted in numerous editions.