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January 17, 2019

Dear Friends,

The Paratime Police Chronicles is now in print and available in both e-formats, kindle and e-pub. All pre-ordered books are in the mail. New copies are available at the website Shop. Our new artist, Sean Bodley, made a striking cover for this new Piper inspired collection.

The Paratime Police Chronicles

Paratime was one of H. Beam Piper's most inspired creations and this collection contains all of Piper's Paratime Police short stories, except for "Time Crime" and the later Lord Kalvan novelettes collected together as Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen. These stories feature the Thin Man (Verkan Vall) and his wife, Dalla, who unwittingly seems to attract trouble like a loadstone picks up iron fillings. New stories include "The Transtemporal Man", a story about what happens when an outtimer suddenly appears with the ability to transpose to different timelines without a transtemporal conveyor; "Paratime Parasites", a story about a conveyor missing for 10,000 years and Verkan Vall's efforts to find out what happened to the original Paratime Survey Team; "Paratime Paradox", the story about an outtimer who somehow unwittingly is able to transpose himself from one time-line to another, a trait which threatens the very foundation of First Level - the Paratime Secret.

Still no word from Baen Books regarding "Space Viking’s Return", which has been in limbo for well over a year.

Some very good news: I turned in the completed manuscript for "The Best of Jerry Pournelle" -- a collection of Jerry's best short stores with personal introductions -- in October of last year and just got word from Baen Books that it will be released in November of 2019.

Down Styphon!

John F. Carr

July 14, 2018

Dear Friends,

It's been a busy and eventful year. First off, I finished a new War World novel, "Falkenberg's Regiment". This new book will be coming out in August of this year. I've been working on this novel, off and on, for about 5 years. A portion of this "Falkenberg's Regiment" appeared in War World: Jihad as the novella, "Peace at Any Price". It's the first new Falkenberg novel since Prince of Sparta in 1993.

Falkenberg's Regiment

I've also finished another long-time work in progress, "The Paratime Police Chronicles", which includes most of H. Beam Piper's Paratime stories and a number of new ones that I wrote as well as a new Kalvan yarn, "Sea of Grass". The only problem was the book came in at just under a quarter of a million words, some 900 pages long - more a doorstop than a book.

So, I decided to break the book into 2 volumes. "The Paratime Police Chronicles, Vol. I", will be coming out later this year, in November or December. "Volume II" will be published in 2019.

Unfortunately, our long-time cover artist Alan Gutierrez decided - after his latest computer went kaput - that it was time to retire. Alan's been the face of Pequod Books since its inception in 1998. I was having a problem finding a qualified replacement, when Editor Victoria Alexander took charge. She managed to locate a local artist, Sean Bodley who's very talented: I'd like to welcome Sean as the new face of Pequod Press! You can see some of his art at:

Sean's first cover will be for "The Paratime Chronicles, Volume I".

Currently, I'm working on a new collection: "The Best of Jerry Pournelle" for Baen Books, with the cooperation of the Pournelle Estate. This volume will contain many of Jerry's short stories and novelettes, including a few gems, with Larry Niven, that have been under the radar, such as "Spirals" and "Story Time at the Stronghold". In addition, the book will include several never-before published Pournelle short stories. It will also contain essays on Jerry's CoDominium/Empire of Man future history by Larry King (the webmaster of the Science Fiction Timeline dedicated to Jerry Pournelle and his works) and "The Science of the CoDominium" by Doug McElwain, as well as reminiscences by Larry Niven and several of Jerry's other collaborators.

I'm still waiting to hear from Baen Books regarding their acceptance of "Space Viking's Return". The book is finished and I'd very much like to see it published. When I have any news on its fate, I will post it here.

John F. Carr

October 16, 2017

Dear Friends,

Paratime Trouble is now in print and in both e-formats. Copies are available at the website Shop.

Paratime Trouble

It's a fun romp through Piper's Paratime. I've always enjoyed the Paratime Police stories; at this point Dalla and Verkan are like old friends. I have been working on Paratime Trouble for several years. It began as a short story for my upcoming Paratime Police collection, but quickly outgrew my original outline and suddenly - voila! - it was a novel.

Paratime Trouble is a new Paratime Police novel by John F. Carr featuring Verkan Vall and Dalla Hadron. Dalla leads Verkan on a merry chase through H. Beam Piper's Paratime as Verkan - once again - attempts to save her bacon!

This time she's searching for the noted 20th Century psychic, Jeanne Dixon, who has predicted the death of John F. Kennedy and the coming of a third world war on several Europo-America belts. Unfortunately for our two intrepid Paratimers, they both end up on the Beria Belt, where the Cuban Missile Crisis is heating up into an all-out nuclear war!

In his search for Dalla, Verkan arrives in New York just in time for the bombs to hit Manhattan. He and Ranthar Jard end up traversing the subway tunnels underneath New York City as they attempt to escape rising radioactivity and hordes of fleeing survivors. Cut off from contact with Paratime Police headquarters, the two Paratimers not only face desperate survivors, but gangs of black-jacketed thugs intent on making the best out of a bad situation. On top of that, they have to find out where Dalla has gone into hiding and bring her back to First Level before the whole time-line collapses into complete chaos!

Jerry Pournelle

Sadly, my friend and mentor, Jerry Pournelle, passed away recently. Jerry had been in ill health for some time, having survived both brain cancer and a stroke. He died painlessly in his sleep after returning from a SF convention on September 8, 2017.

I worked closely with Jerry at his office for over 20 years as his editorial associate; together we edited over 30 short story collections, theme anthologies and two paperback magazines, "New Destinies" and "Far Frontiers".

Jerry was a larger-than-life presence and I still find it difficult to believe he's gone from this plane.

I'll never forget how Jerry generously shared his memories and letters from his former friend, H. Beam Piper, and encouraged my studies into Piper's life and works. No one was more surprised than Jerry at all the new information I uncovered about Beam, particularly about how much of his past Piper had invented and/or lied about.

When I mentioned that I was interested in writing the sequel to Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, it was Jerry who introduced me to Roland Green, another long-time Kalvan fan. Jerry encouraged our collaboration and helped convince Ace Books that Great Kings' War was a worthwhile endeavor and had his full support.

Jerry's own Janissaries series was heavily influenced by Piper and I remember Jerry re-reading Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen for inspiration while he was writing the first draft of Janissaries. The castle scene where Pournelle introduces Tylara to Tamaerthon (Part III, Chapter One) is a direct homage to Piper's scene in Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, where Piper introduced Rylla.

Unfortunately, Jerry's guilt and depression over Piper's suicide - which came at a time when Jerry was working for Boeing as a Senior Scientist and had the financial wherewithal to have loaned Piper whatever funds he needed to survive - made it too difficult for him to complete our collaboration on "Space Viking Returns", or do any of the other Piper projects he had promised fans. We had talked earlier this year about finishing the Space Viking sequel, and he gave me some good ideas about a new ending. There is a possibility that Baen Books, which holds the original contract, might publish it next year.

Down Styphon!

John F. Carr

June 16, 2016

Dear Friends,

This has been a busy year. I have two new novels coming out and two new anthologies.

First off, Pequod will be releasing a new Fuzzy novel by me and Wolfgang Diehr, The Fuzzy Conundrum. It is our attempt to explain one of the great mysteries of Piper's Terro-Human Future History: Why are the Fuzzies are all but forgotten in Piper's later post-Federation and First Empire stories?

Fuzzy Conundrum

The hardcover and the e-book editions of The Fuzzy Conundrum are now available in the Store. This Fuzzy novel is the direct sequel to Fuzzy Ergo Sum and Caveat Fuzzy.

Next up will be Down Styphon!, the final novel in the Kalvan versus Styphon’s House story-arc. This novel is the culmination of Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen and Great Kings' War, some 30 years in the making, following the rough outline written in 1984. Down Styphon! is currently at the typesetters and will be released in late August.

In the fall Pequod will be releasing the next War World anthology, The Patriotic Wars. This volume will chronicle the beginning of the end of the CoDominium's rule of Earth and her colonies.

Following The Patriotic Wars will be a new Federation anthology, The Rise of the Terran Federation. This will include several Piper stories as well as a number of new Federation stories and essays on Piper's crowning creation.

Down Styphon!

John F. Carr