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The Siege of Tarr-Hostigos
The Siege of Tarr-Hostigos
John F. Carr
(EPUB 892k) (Kindle 1083k)
Pequod Press

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In this, the fourth volume of the Kalvan Saga, former Pennsylvania State Trooper, King Kalvan and Great Queen Rylla face the full weight of Styphon's House's military and political might as the corrupt theocracy marshals the Grand Host to destroy the new kingdom of Hos-Hostigos.

Kalvan has awakened the sleeping tiger of Styphon's House and Siege of Tarr-Hostigos brings the full-fledged religious war to Hos-Hostigos and the Five Kingdoms that Kalvan has always feared. This is a campaign that, win or lose, will cost Kalvan some of his good friends, part of his family and possibly the Kingship of Hos-Hostigos.

The Grand Host of Styphon's House has invaded Hos-Hostigos, not just to drive Kalvan out of Hostigos, but to put all his subjects under the inquisition of Holy Investigator Roxthar, the Torquemada of Aryan-Transpacific, Styphon's House Subsector. Will the Paratime Police and Chief, Verkan Vall come to the aid of their friends on Kalvan's Timeline with First Level troops and supplies? Or will Kalvan have to fight this one by himself?

Join Prince Ptosphes and Captain-General Harmakros as they make a final stand at Tarr-Hostigos in the face of the greatest army ever assembled on Aryan-Transpacific, Styphon's House Subsector.

This small band of heroes and their small force are all that stand between their Great King and rolling thunder of the Gunpowder Theocracy!