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The Way of the Sword Worlds
The Way of the Sword Worlds
John F. Carr, Mike Robertson
(EPUB 3042k) (Kindle 7080k)
Pequod Press

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The Way of the Sword-Worlds is the prequel to H. Beam Piper's Space Viking novel and is the story of Otto Harkaman, and his loyal crewmates. Before Otto Harkaman joined up with Lucas Trask and became a famous Space Viking captain feared on hundreds of worlds, he was an ordinary trooper with big dreams but little to show for them. To achieve his dreams, to advance in status and to become someone that other Space Vikings would follow to riches and glory, Otto Harkaman had to learn the Way of the Sword Worlds.

And learn it he did! Otto Harkaman and his crew of Space Vikings stormed and raided more than a score of neo-Barbarian and semi-civilized worlds of the former Terran Federation. When Harkaman purchased the Corisande, they were on their way to become one of the most successful Space Viking crews in the Old Federation. But along the way, Otto and his crew faced off some dangerous opponents, such as Crown Prince Viktor of Xochitl, Fedrig Barragon, the Lord Protector and ruler of Dagon, and a flotilla of Gilgamesh ships intent upon destroying Otto's ship, even if it cost them their lives!