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Great Kings War
Great Kings War
John F. Carr, Roland Green
(EPUB 2971k) (Kindle 3621k)
Pequod Press

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Calvin Morrison was a pretty good cop in Pennsylvania until he was scooped up by the cross-time flying saucer and transported to Styphon's House Subsector, a 16th Century equivalent parallel time-line.

Here he comes face to face with warriors armed with pikes and broadswords, not petty criminals. Lord Kalvan, as the locals call him, transforms the petty Princedom of Hostigos into a fearsome warrior Kingdom by inspired leadership and advanced military knowledge.

And, now, after having saved his new nation of Hos-Hostigos from destruction by Styphon's House - a tyrannical theocracy that holds sacred the secret formula for gunpowder, Kalvan faces his greatest challenge-keeping what he has won.

The Holy Host of Styphon and the Royal Army of Hos-Harphax, two of the greatest armies in the history of the Five Kingdoms, are on the move and Kalvan will once again have to call upon his knowledge of military history to save his family and friends. This time it's personal!