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News Archives - 2012

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October 23, 2012

Dear Friends,

Space Vikings Throne

The Last Space Viking finally arrived from the printers on Friday. I will be mailing out the pre-order copies over the next week and a half. This novel wraps up the story of the last Space Viking, David Morland, and, as the new Mardukan Empire merges, we see the beginning of Piper's First Empire. There are a few surprises, including some new insights into the Gilgamesh Conspiracy.


I've started work on a new Space Viking novel, this one the direct sequel to the original, featuring Lucas Trask and company. Space Viking's Revenge will open about 5 years after Space Viking and chronicle the further trials and tribulations of King Trask and his henchman, Otto Harkaman.

Once Space Viking's Revenge is published, I plan to release the long awaited Return of Space Viking, in 2014.

I'm working on several new Piper related projects, the first is the Hos-Blethan Affair (with Wolfgang Diehr), a Kalvan sidebar novel which will feature that loveable old horse thief, Duke Skranga, as well as Ranthar Jard, one of Verkan's key Paratime Police Inspectors. Their mission: foment an uprising in Hos-Bletha that will keep Great King Niclophon from sending troops to aid Styphon's House in its drive to capture and kill Great King Kalvan. Of course, it's not going to be that easy, not with Baltrov Eldra playing the temptress and Colonel Democriphon trying to horn in.

This summer I finished a new Paratime novel, Time Trouble, featuring the First Level's version of the Thin Man, Verkan Vall. Once again, Dalla is in trouble; only this time it could be fatal. She's on the new Beria Belt where the Cuban Missile Crisis has gone from Red Alert to full-scale nuclear holocaust! This new Paratime adventure will be paired with The Paratime Police Chronicles, which will include all of Piper's Paratime stories (except Time Crime) with several new ones of my own.

Rainbow Run

Rainbow Run, a new speculative fiction work by myself and my old friend and writing partner, Camden Benares, is at the printers and we expect to ship copies in early November.

For all those who pre-ordered copies, thanks for your patience. There were some unexpected delays dealing with the dust jacket specs, which meant it bounced back and forth between our graphics designer and printer several times.

Everyone have a Great Holiday Season!

John F. Carr

August 20, 2012

Dear Friends,

Caveat Fuzzy

Caveat Fuzzy by Wolfgang Diehr is now available and copies for those who pre-ordered them will be in the mail shortly. The book completes the story begun in Fuzzy Ergo Sum and is a must have for all Fuzzy fans.

Space Viking's Throne is in production and is still available for pre-order. We plan to ship copies in early September. You can still pre-order copies, with free shipping, in the Shop.

John F. Carr

May 29, 2012

Dear Friends,

Gunpowder God

It's been a busy spring. Pequod Press has 4 books coming out this summer, including a 2nd Edition of Siege of Tarr-Hostigos. I'm down to my last box of books of the 1st Edition of Siege of Tarr-Hostigos so I decided it was time to do a revised 2nd Edition. If you want a copy of the 1st Edition you'd best get it now. In addition, I still have 3 or 4 of the original (signed and numbered 1-50) Siege of Tarr-Hostigos slipcase editions. E-mail me for details.


For the 2nd Edition of Siege of Tarr-Hostigos, I cut the original preface and added several new scenes which, I believe, have improved the book. However, it's the cover that will be undergoing the most change. Due to a poor color transparency, the cover art on the 1st Edition was much lighter in color and appears washed out in comparison to the original painting.

This summer Pequod Press will also be releasing 3 new titles: Space Viking's Throne (the sequel to The Last Space Viking), which wraps up the David Morland story; Caveat Fuzzy (the sequel to Fuzzy Ergo Sum), which resolves the issues set forth in the original book; and Rainbow Run, a new speculative fiction work by myself and my old friend and writing partner, Camden Benares.

I'm currently mailing out pre-order forms to everyone on my mailing list. If you're not on my list or have had a recent change of address, e-mail me with your current mailing address at and I'll see that you get one.

John F. Carr

February 23, 2012

Dear Friends,

Gunpowder God

Copies of Gunpowder God, the latest volume in the Kalvan Saga, arrived a few days ago and I've been mailing them out to those who pre-ordered them. I'm still mailing copies off and should have all them out within a week.

The print run for Gunpowder God is 500 copies, so if you want a quality first edition I wouldn't wait too long. Copies are now available in the Shop. You can find all of Alan Gutierrez's color sketches for my next book, Space Viking's Throne, in the Gallery. I've just added the final version which will be appearing on the dust jacket.

This year's Irregular Muster will be held in State College (Hostigos) on May 19th. This is the annual gathering of the Piper clan; traditionally, we meet at The Original Waffle Shop on North Atherton for breakfast and a tour of the local Piper sites.

I hope to see many new faces this year as well as the usual suspects. Wolfgang will be there to sign copies of Fuzzy Ergo Sum and discuss his upcoming book, Caveat Fuzzy.

John F. Carr