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The Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen saga continues

Welcome to the home of H. Beam Piper and John F. Carr's Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen Saga. This site is a tribute to science-fiction author H. Beam Piper and his beloved novel, Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, as well as the Kalvan continuations by John F. Carr.

While on duty, Pennsylvania State Policeman Calvin Morrison is unceremoniously picked up by a cross-time conveyer and dropped off at Hostigos, a small princedom on Aryan-Transpacific, Styphon's House Subsector. Using his advanced knowledge of military tactics, leadership abilities and knowledge of chemistry, to make gunpowder, Lord Kalvan - as Calvin is called by the locals - does whatever it takes to save Hostigos from its ruthless invaders led by Styphon's House, a nasty religious theocracy. Due to his premature death, Piper never finished the Kalvan story. John has picked up where Piper left off and continued the Kalvan Saga, starting with Great Kings' War which he wrote with Roland Green, and his own solo Kalvan continuations, Kalvan Kingmaker, Siege of Tarr-Hostigos, The Fireseed Wars and Gunpowder God - with more to follow.

The site also contains other Piper related works, both in the Paratime universe and in Beam's future history, the Terro-Human Future History, which will include John's own follow-ups to Space Viking, Cosmic Computer plus the Little Fuzzy continuations by Wolfgang Diehr.

Periodically, John will update the site with information on new books, Lord Kalvan, the Five Kingdoms, the universe of Paratime, a series of alternate time-lines beyond number, and the Paratime Police who oversee them.

For more information on H. Beam Piper, visit our sister site, the H. Beam Piper Memorial Site at:

Welcome to Lord Kalvan's world: we hope you like what you find.

Down Styphon!

John F. Carr